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BETO FURNITURE is authorized to request the payment agent to remove the specified amount from the seller’s account. The method and process of refund depends on the payment method used for purchase:

i. Credit/Debit Card: Payment will be refunded back to the same card within 5-20 business days subject to the payment gateway policy and process or be processed as a credit note by either BETO FURNITURE or the Seller depending on the status of the order.

ii. Cash on Delivery: Refund will be issued as a credit note. If the reason for cancellation/return is not due to Seller’s fault, shipping charges will be deducted from the payment, unless waived by the Seller.  


1.Cancellation Policy:

1.1 – Seller must permit cancellation prior to the shipping process and/or the commencement of processing the order and the buyer shall receive full refund. However, if the buyer cancels the order after the product/service has been shipped or the processing of the order has been initiated, he/she shall be liable to pay cancellation charge, which includes shipping and process fees, provided that cancellation is not due to an error from BETO FURNITURE. If buyer cancels the order after BETO FURNITURE commenced working on the order due to reasons other than BETO FURNITURE’s fault, BETO FURNITURE will deduct the costs reasonably incurred from the refund.

1.2 Sellers can request a cancellation for orders that cannot be fulfilled

1.3 Buyers can cancel their order and receive full refund while the seller will bear the responsibility in these cases:

i. Item/service isn’t delivered, with more than 5 working days delay. 

ii. Prior to the processing and/or shipping of the order 

iii. Seller has materially changed the item’s description after the order has been placed or if a clear typographical error has been made

 2. Return & Exchange Policy:

2.1 Wrong item/service delivered: Buyer must contact the Seller immediately upon the receipt of the item to request a return and redelivery or refund. The seller shall bear the costs of returning the wrong item/service and redelivering it.

2.2 Damaged/Defective/Counterfeit/ Discrepancy Item:

i. Defective items: The buyer shall notify the seller within 15 days from date of delivery 

ii. Damaged/Counterfeit/Discrepancy items: The buyer shall notify the seller immediately upon delivery.

iii. Once notified, the seller shall replace the product, repair the defect or return the item with a full refund to the buyer after the defect/damage has been inspected.